$39 Cleaning, Exam, and X-Rays*

Regularly $388

Offer valid through 2016

It can be intimidating to find a new dentist. You want more than the name of a dentist. You want to know if the dentist is competent. You want to know if he is honest. You want to know if he is professional. You want to know if he is friendly. We understand that you want to make the best choice when it comes to providing dental care for your family. Dr. Boozer has been serving the Cameron Park community for over two decades. Following in the footsteps of his dentist father, Dr. Boozer has immersed himself in training and dental organizations that keep him on the cutting edge of dental technology. He has surrounded himself with a friendly and competent staff. We want to provide a special opportunity for you to know what it is like to be part of the family at the office of Dr. Boozer. Come experience the friendly service we provide with this special for new patients. For $39 you can receive a cleaning, an exam, and the accompanying x-rays.

*Pricing is for new patients without insurance


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